nbs tech - Javelin FLX

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  • Open Card Format
  • Small footprint easily fits into a wide range of locations: on a desktop or under the counter
  • Input hopper and manual card feeder
  • Full range of monochrome ribbon colors
  • Direct Connection Support Network


  • Print Mode:     
    Single-side printing
  • Print Method: 
    Thermal transfer (monochrome)
  • Print speed:    
    4 to 8 seconds per card (depending on width of print)
  • Ribbons:         
    Black, metallic gold, metallic silver, white, red, blue, scratch-off over 1000 cards per 278.871 ft. / 85 m. roll (depending upon width of print)typical yield (printing only on left half of card): 1660 cards per roll Matte gold, matte silver, white over 1200 cards per 334 ft. / 334.645 m. roll (depending upon width of print) typical yield (printing only on left half of card): 2000 cards per roll

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